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HVAC Cleaning in Greater Cincinnati Areas, Milford OH, West Chester OH and The Village of Indian Hill

A properly functioning and well-maintained HVAC unit will effectively filter out the many airborne allergens that are commonly found in the Greater Cincinnati Areas, Milford OH, West Chester OH and The Village of Indian Hill. With time, however, these allergens and dust may begin to collect inside your system and proliferate throughout your home or business. At DisasterWorks Environmental Restoration, we are dedicated to improving the health and livability of homes and businesses throughout the Greater Cincinnati Areas, Milford OH, West Chester OH and The Village of Indian Hill, and render services to ensure that your HVAC system cycles only the cleanest, healthiest air.

Why HVAC cleaning?

Put simply, the harmful dust, dirt and allergens that can build up inside your vents pose an invisible threat to your immune system and general comfort. While it is common practice to clean the registers that cover your property's air ducts, few homeowners have the equipment necessary to perform a deep clean of their HVAC system where the true problem lies. By having a professional thoroughly clean the airway systems in your home, you are cleaning the air that gets circulated throughout your house, which can drastically reduce your family's suffering from respiratory irritation and allergies.

When is HVAC cleaning necessary?

While a deep clean of your HVAC system is an involved process, it only needs to be performed periodically. Call DisasterWorks Environmental Restoration if any of the following issues appear in your home or business:
  • Mold - if mold is found growing in or around your air ducts, you will want to have the area professionally cleaned to remove these potentially harmful contaminants.
  • Allergies - the same airborne allergies can linger in your home if the air is continually circulating without being cleaned, making allergy season last a lot longer.
  • Home renovation - any construction to your home can lead to dust and other particles getting stirred up into the air. It is especially important to have ducts cleaned if you had asbestos abatement or lead paint removal, which can leave dangerous debris in the air.
  • Fire - smoke and ash can be left behind longer than you think if it’s inside your HVAC unit, causing serious health issues.
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