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HVAC Cleaning Cincinnati, OH

Eliminate Airborne Irritants with Whole-House HVAC Cleaning

In Cincinnati, OH, there are many airborne allergens that can affect your health, especially if they get into your home. They’re hard to see, easy to sense and difficult to eliminate with your usual household chores. When your health is starting to become affected by the air in your house, the HVAC air duct unit in your home might be the problem. And DisasterWorks Environmental Restoration has the solution.

If you find dust and other airborne allergens in your house, it may be time for an HVAC cleaning. This involves using specialized vacuums, brushes and other equipment to clean the air ducts in your home. Having your entire HVAC unit cleaned is no easy task, which is why the restoration team at DisasterWorks is ready to do the work for you.

Why HVAC Cleaning?

Many people forget about the importance of clean air in their homes; dust, dirt and allergens are often unseen, especially when coming out of your air ducts. By having a professional thoroughly clean the airway systems in your home, you are cleaning the air that gets circulated throughout your house. This eliminates common (and uncommon) household debris that can irritate your immune system and lead to other harmful health conditions

The registers that cover your home’s air ducts are usually the areas that get cleaned most often, eliminating dust that sits on the surface. However, it is the particles that get into the HVAC unit that end up getting circulated back into the air you breathe. So when you or your family members are suffering from respiratory irritation or allergies, it’s important to consider a deeper clean of your environment.

When Should You Have your HVAC System Cleaned?

HVAC cleaning is not something that is a regular household chore, and only needs to be done on certain occasions. Luckily, our team of cleaners have the knowledge and experience to eliminate harmful germs from the air that you and your family breathe. If you’ve had any of the following issues in your home recently, you might want to consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned by DisasterWorks:

  • Mold: if mold is found growing in or around your air ducts, you will want to have the area professionally cleaned to remove these harmful contaminants.
  • Allergies: the same airborne allergies can linger in your home if the air is continually circulating without being cleaned, making allergy season last a lot longer.
  • Home renovation: any construction to your home can lead to dust and other particles getting stirred up into the air. It is especially important to have ducts cleaned if you had asbestos abatement or lead paint removal, which can leave dangerous debris in the air.
  • Fire: smoke and ash can be left behind longer than you think if it’s inside your HVAC unit, causing serious health issues.

HVAC Cleaning You Can Trust at DisasterWorks

DisasterWorks has the professional cleaners to take care of your HVAC unit when it has been contaminated. Call us today to learn more about Cincinnati’s best HVAC cleaning services.