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Home Mold Remediation Cincinnati, OH

Highly Trained Mold Remediation Technicians Ready To Help

home mold remediation Cincinnati

It is easy to detect mold growth on food items, but mold growth in a building is not always apparent. Mold damage usually begins before you see any signs. More than an eyesore or nuisance, mold can cause health problems, building decay, and damage to belongings.

Once DisasterWorks Environmental Restoration receives your call, an expert team promptly assesses the extent of the damage and then recommends further action. If remediation is recommended by an Environemental Hygeniest, DisasterWorks then takes steps to remove hazardous microbial concentractions from your premises.

All DisasterWorks mold remediation projects are cleared by a 3rd party mold inspection with report provided to homeowner.

Mold Remediation Services in Cincinnati

DisasterWorks Environmental Restoration's mold assessment and remediation process includes:

  • A customized plan and estimate
  • Packing, moving, and storage of contents using a barcode inventory system
  • Dry cleaning of textiles (clothing, linens, curtains, etc.)
  • Mold remediation of the structure and its remaining contents

Mold Remediation FAQs

What is mold?

A mold is a type of fungus that serves to decompose dead matter. Molds reproduce by producing spores, which become airborne and land on various porous and nonporous surfaces. 

Almost any organic substance — including plant material, fabric, paper products, and plain dirt — can feed mold. Add moisture and you have the perfect breeding ground.

Is mold dangerous? 

Mold is not always harmful to your health, but because it can be, it is vital to assess any situation in which mold growth may be present.
The people who are most typically affected by mold are:

  • Children
  • Elderly individuals
  • Individuals suffering from allergies or asthma
  • Individuals whose immune systems are compromised

If you suspect that you might need mold remediation, be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that mimic those of allergies or colds. DisasterWorks Environmental Restoration tests for the type of mold present and assures complete removal for your peace of mind.

What are the signs of mold growth?

Mold Remediation4If you have had recent flooding or leakage, there is a high possibility that mold may begin to grow in that area of your home. Mold often begins to grow inside walls and ceilings, making detection difficult in the early stages. However, you may notice that you or household members experience new or exacerbated allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, rashes, and eye discomfort.

Other signs of mold include musty smells and black, brown-black, gray, green, or white spots on the structure or its contents. (Orange mold typically grows outdoors.)

How can I prevent mold damage?

If you live or work in a damp area, invest in a dehumidifier for each level of the building — particularly the basement. Store items off the floor in lidded plastic or rubber totes, not cardboard boxes. Change HVAC filters regularly to prevent spreading mold spores through the air.

Whether or not you have been through mold remediation, you can first clean nonporous surfaces with soap or detergent and hot water. Then disinfect with a solution of bleach and water, and let surfaces dry naturally.

All DisasterWorks mold remediation projects are cleared by a 3rd party mold inspection with report provided to homeowner.

Mold exposure can cause illness that often resembles the common cold. Doctors can misdiagnose mold disease as the flu, causing months sometimes years of continual sickness. Sometimes it takes a doctor specialized in personal wellness to properly identify the symptoms. Dr. Huber of Huber Personalized Medicine is the doctor you are looking for. At Huber Personalized Medicine the doctors explore your own unique physiology, as no two people are the same.

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