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Mold Remediation in Greater Cincinnati Areas, Milford OH, West Chester OH and The Village of Indian Hill

Beyond a simple eyesore, mold growing in your home or office may cause health problems, building decay and damage to your belongings. Often times, however, mold begins to proliferate in hard-to-see places like the inside of walls and ceilings, and will only become apparent after the problem has already become quite bad. While mold is not always dangerous, it is important to address the issue to protect the most vulnerable members of your household like children, the elderly, those who suffer from allergies or asthma or immunocompromised individuals.
Professionals providing mold remediation services in Winchester, OH

How to Spot Mold

There are many signs that indicate mold is growing on your property. Keep a sharp eye out for black, brown-black, gray, green or white spots inside your building, or orange mold on the outside. The presence of mold often includes a distinct musty smell, and may trigger allergy-like symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, rashes and eye irritation. If any of these issues sound familiar, it may be best for you to call the professionals at DisasterWorks!

Reliable Mold Remediation

DisasterWorks Environmental Restoration has been providing the Greater Cincinnati Areas, Milford OH, West Chester OH and The Village of Indian Hill with mold detection and removal services for many years, and we take pride in helping to secure our community's comfort and health. When you call us out, you can count on our trained professionals to perform a thorough analysis so that we may devise the most effective plan of action to rid your property of mold and prevent it from coming back. We offer free estimates and a 100% Quality Guarantee, so don't wait to contact us!

Mold Prevention tips

Humid areas pose a higher risk for mold growth. If you live in such conditions, you can take several precautionary steps to stop mold in its tracks. We recommend:
  • Invest in a dehumidifier for each level of your building, especially the basement.
  • Store items in plastic or rubber totes, rather than permeable cardboard boxes.
  • Change your HVAC filters regularly.
If you spot minor mold growth, you can clean the area with soap or detergent and hot water, so long as the surface is non-porous. Then, apply a disinfecting mixture of bleach and water and allow it to air dry.
Protect your family from the harmful effects of mold, call us today at (800) 772-6795!
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